OmniStop Ultra

OmniStop Ultra

Protection without restriction on pedestrian flow

OmniStop Ultra security bollard is designed control errant vehicles weighing up to 1600kgs. This bollard is crash tested and can be relied upon to reduce the amount of damage that occurs when an errant vehicle attempts to enter a pedestrian dense area.

It is an energy absorbing bollard that meets technical specifications required by government road authorities such as VicRoads and Transport NSW.

The OmniStop Ultra stops vehicles in their tracks. It offers an innovative solution to protecting the public from terrorists and errant drivers, without interfering with pedestrian activity.

  • Fully crash tested with a 1600kg vehicle at 60km/h
  • Protects pedestrians and assets
  • Reduces the risk of injury to the vehicle's occupants
  • Energy absorbing bollard
  • Allows pedestrian flow
  • Easy installation
  • Easily replaced post impact
  • Affordable
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White Bollard and Reo Cage
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OmniStop Super Duty Security Bollard Crash Test
OmniStop Bollards - The Ultimate Affordable Protection


Product code F1202051    
Specifications Bollard Only Sleeve Reo Cage
Diameter 150mm/6in 155mm/6in I.D 165mm/6.5in O.D 550mm/21in
Length 1450mm/57in 500mm/20in 800mm/31in
Weight 67.5kg/149lbs   34kg/75lbs
  Product Name Product Code
Bollard Ultra - White F1202051
Steel Bollard Ultra - Stainless Steel F1202003SS

Product Features & Inclusions

Footing 700Ø x 1000mm
Vehicle Stopped
Crash Tested 1600kg/3500lb vehicle at 60kmh/30mph
OmniStop Ultra Bollards Yellow


Case studies

Safety Bollard at Melbourne City Council

Melbourne City Council

Featuring the supply of OmniStop Bollards for the protection of pedestrians.

Melbourne CBD tram stops, Melbourne (VIC)

The tram network’s reach, across more than 250 km of tracks across Melbourne’s inner-city and suburbs, makes it the world’s largest urban tram network.
OmniStop Ultra Bollard

Aveley Estate, Ellenbrook (WA)

The OmniStop Ultra Bollard was the best solution

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