Solar Lighting

A truly unique and innovative solution to high energy lighting, solar street lights are the perfect way to provide off-grid illumination both now and into the future. Both affordable to run and simple to install, our solar LED lights are the ideal choice for regional and rural communities (including arena lighting) who have difficulty connecting to trench power – and for metropolitan communities who want to take a more environmentally conscious route to powering their neighbourhoods.

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Saferoads Solar Lighting
Saferoads Solar Lighting
Saferoads Altona Boat Ramp Project
Saferoads Altona Boat Ramp Project
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Manufacturing Light Poles

Case Studies

Solar Lights Installed at Gympie Regional Council

Gympie Regional Council, Queensland

Featuring Delta 30W Delta Solar Lights with Promenade Pole
Delta Universal Pole lights

Randall Park Equestrian Centre - Warragul, Victoria

Featuring 30W Delta Solar Lights with Universal Pole

Advantages of Solar Lighting


To ensure you’re getting the right amount of light for your application, our team can help you choose solar lights that best meet your needs. With a range of wattage, batteries and poles to choose from, you can be sure we have the ideal solar light for every project, every time.

Saferoads also offer a variety of functional and decorative poles in varying heights and finishes to choose from, meaning your solar lighting can look attractive whilst serving its purpose. Suited to many different environments, Saferoads solar lights are the ideal choice for everything from botanical gardens to open air car parks.

Solar Lighting VS Conventional/On-grid Lighting

  Solar Lighting Conventional / On-grid
Does not require underground wiring Check Dark icon Cancel icon
Quick and easy to install
No expense of ongoing electricity bills

5 Year Cost Comparison

Based on the average cost of an on-grid light compared to a solar light over five years

on-grid light cost comparison to a solar light

Eco-Friendly Choice

With environmental awareness at an all-time high, reducing your carbon footprint, with a solar solution is becoming a popular choice. Following installation, solar light poles are powered by a completely renewable source which eliminates any ongoing electricity expenses.

Good for improving your bottom line and good for the environment!

Ideal for Any Area

Thanks to Australia’s abundance of natural sunlight all year round, solar LED street lights can be used across the country including for pathway solar lighting, street poles for residential areas or for horse arena lighting. Ideal for both regional and metropolitan projects, these offer easy installation, removing the need for trenching. Our solar lights offer a more sustainable and affordable solution, even in remote off-grid areas.

Cost Effective Solution

Installation of traditional lighting involves tying your light fixtures to an electrical grid system, and requires trenching and underground wiring. The process is lengthy, costly and inconvenient. Then, you have the endless expense of electrical bills. For a far more cost-effective solution, choose solar street lights instead.

Areas We Service

Saferoads supplies high-quality solar lighting Australia wide, to all regional areas and capital cities; including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, and Hobart.

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