Mash Tl3 Barrier

T-Lok Barrier

MASH TL-3 concrete longitudinal barrier

The T-Lok barrier is a temporary redirective longitudinal barrier. Featuring a new and improved design, the T-Lok concrete barrier is ASBAP approved to 100km/h.

The T-LOK BARRIER is a free standing, temporary longitudinal barrier system successfully crash tested to MASH TL-3.

This precast concrete F-type barrier has an Austroads Safety Barrier Assessment Panel (ASBAP) approval to 100km/h.

Anti sight / debris screens can be fitted to the barriers providing additional protection for workers from items falling off passing trucks, as well as reducing the risk to motorists through “gawking” drivers becoming distracted or slowing unexpectedly when passing road works.

  • ASBAP approval to 100km/h
  • Freestanding barrier
  • Low deflection
  • Safe redirection
  • Fast deployment and retrieval
  • No anchoring required
  • Maintenance free
  • Multiple end treatments can be used
  • Sight / debris screen options bolt on
  • Available in either 3.66m or 5.49m lengths
  • Can be deployed with Steel Wedge (engineered angle pieces) to accommodate tight radius projects
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Product approvals

Radius Solution for T-Lok Barriers

Saferoads have developed an innovative traffic delineation and worksite protection solution that is able to provide a continuous temporary traffic barrier deployment at a tight radius. The Saferoads T-Lok Steel Wedge incorporates a steel wedge piece which can be used in-between individual T-Lok freestanding temporary concrete barriers to facilitate placement at tighter radii. The Saferoads T-Lok Wedge offers a significant advantage over traditional barrier deployments as the radius can be as tight as 8m.

  • ASBAP approval to 60km/h
  • Facilitates placement of T-Lok Barriers at tighter radii
  • Enables the T-Lok 3.66m barrier to be deployed on a radius as tight as 8m
  • Enables the T-Lok 5.49m barrier to be deployed on a radius as tight as 12m
  • 5 m design deflection where wedges are used
  • Improved efficiency during staged intersection deployment
  • Vast improvement on safety due to the continuous barrier placement without the need for crash cushions


Temporary Barriers
Temporary Concrete Barrier
T-Lok Barrier
T-lok Concrete Barrier
Installing T-Loks


Product code F1303000 F1303001
Effective Length 3.66m 5.49m
Height 810mm 810mm
Width 610mm 610mm
Weight 2600kg 3900kg
Weight Per Metre 722kg 722kg
Succesfully Tested To MASH TL-3 MASH TL-3
ASBAP Approval To 100km/h
MASH TL-3 Deflection 1.27m 1.27m
Amount Transportable Per Semi Truck 9 6

Product Features & Inclusions

Multiple End Treatments Can Be Used
Sight/Debris Screen Options Bolt On
Safe Redirection
Fast Deployment/Retrieval
No Anchoring Required
Maintenance Free
T-Lok Drawing



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T-Lok Barrier weights are 3.6m - 2600kg/5.4m - 3900kg. You can transport between 6 and 9 barriers on each trailer.
The QuadGuard-M10 CZ or TAU-M end terminals are approved for work zone posted speeds of up to 100km/h. As this terminal requires tethering to the pavement, it will offer the shortest Saferoads T-Lok MASH barrier deployment. The SLED or Absorb-M freestanding terminals can be used for posted speeds up to 80km/h.
The T-Lok 3.6m Barrier has a weight of 2600kg and an effective length of 3.66m. The T-Lok 5.4m Barrier has a weight of 3900kg and an effective Length of 5.49m.
The most efficient way to deploy or retrieve the barriers from site is to lift with two chains connected to the outer lifting points. The barriers can be lifted by a forklift with appropriately rated spreader beam for yard storage, appropriate bearers will be required when stacking.
The T-Lok MASH Barrier has been tested to TL-3, 100km/h with a 2,270kg Pickup impacting at 25 degrees. It is currently approved by ASBAP to 100km/h. It is approved for use in Victoria and New South Wales at 100km/h and approved for use in Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland at 80km/h.
The T-Lok Barrier can be deployed on a horizontal radius as tight as 46m for the 5.49m long barriers and as tight as 30m for the 3.66m versions. A Steel Wedge can be installed if approved on specific projects where the radius can be as tight as 8m. The Steel Wedge has ASBAP approval to 60km/h.
The suggested maximum deployment rate would be up to 500m per shift with a single crew and team (25 or 30T Franna incl).
The crash tested deflection for a 2,270kg Pickup TL-3 test, 100km/h at 25 degrees was 1.27m.

Case studies

T-lok Concrete Barrier

Boral Asphalt

T-Lok Barriers deployed to Boral Asphalt in Melbourne for yard segregation.
Approved End Terminal

Crema Constructions - Workzone Protection

T-Lok Barriers and SLED End Treatments deployed in busy bayside Melbourne.

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