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Temporary Barriers

Saferoads is one of the world leading innovators in road safety barrier systems. Saferoads crash barriers are independently crash tested,
and can therefore be used with confidence. Our traffic barriers contribute to the reduction of work zone related crash incidents.

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Custom Solutions

At Saferoads we can customise your temporary barriers by tailoring the reinforcements, size, shape and colours.

Saferoads customised the T-Lok barrier with our in house engineering team to create a custom design, which could separate automated container carriers from other traffic and pedestrian areas at a terminal.

The custom T-Lok barriers included large reinforced galvanised fork ports, additional structural reinforcing, top mount fence ferrules, hi-vis paint scheme, and high strength fence panels.

Custom corner blocks have also been supplied to provide a continuous interlocking system through 90 degree corners, as well as custom flat back T-LOK barriers for the mounting of sliding gates, and fence panels with plastic slats for the ACC calibration area.

concrete road safety barriers

Choosing the Right Road Barrier System

Temporary Barriers

Our steel and concrete road safety barriers have been designed and tested for crashes up to 100km/h, making them ideal for major roads and highways. Temporary barriers can also be fitted with anti-debris and anti-gawk screens.

Pedestrian Barriers

If you’re looking for a lightweight yet effective barrier for the delineation of pedestrians, consider investing in water filled barriers. Blockout has a clever, stackable design allowing up to 96 meters to be transported on one truck, offering huge transport savings when compared to other safety barriers. That’s not to mention the ease of which Blockout temporary barriers can be moved around as needed on site.

Areas We Service

Saferoads supplies high quality temporary barriers for road safety to all Australian capital cities; including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, and Hobart.