Surface Mount Bollard

Visual deterrent to protect assets

Bollards are designed to deter vehicles from pedestrian dense areas or private property. Whether its outdoor dining, strip shopping, or simply a footpath or bus stop, our steel bollards are a great option to encourage drivers to avoid an area.

Saferoads offer a range of bollards, with different styles and sizes to choose from. Bollards can be finished in the colour of choice with several cap options available.

  • Galvanized or steel options available
  • Various colours available
  • Several cap options available
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Security Bollards


Surface Mount Bollard 90mm (yellow) F1202189
Surface Mount Bollard 90mm (white) F1202189
Surface Mount Bollard 140mm (yellow) F1202101-P
Surface Mount Bollard 140mm (white) F1202101-P


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