Caterpillar Safe Cycle

Caterpillar Safe Cycle

Alerts drivers to avoid bike lanes

With the bicycle market ever increasing, it is vital that we keep every road user as safe as possible. A biker lane divider that also lets drivers know if they are encroaching; everyone benefits from our unique Caterpillar Safe Cycle. Made from tough rubber and available in yellow for visibility, our Caterpillar bike lane delineator can curve with the road as required.

  • Protects cyclists
  • Visibly and audibly engages drivers to avoid bike lane
  • Safer for cyclists and motorists, with lower impact contour compared with other options on the market
  • Made with EPDM rubber
  • End caps built into the island design, so it can curve with roads as required
  • Able to head in any direction without time consuming and unattractive joiners, due to spacing of 300mm between islands
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Product Code K1404000
Height 35mm
Width 150mm
Length 1000mm
Weight 3.76kg


Case studies

Separation Kerb to Improving Cyclist Safety

Improving Cyclist Safety

Bike lanes easing traffic congestion in Melbourne - featuring Separation Kerb and Caterpillar Safe Cycle.

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