Zone VMS

VMS Sign with Zone 2

Manage your VMS sign with Zone 2, our user-friendly online management platform.

24/7 Local Support

24/7 Local Support

Access to our Australian based support team is available to all users

Cloud Based Login

Cloud based login

Update messages anytime, anywhere from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Accessible from multiple internet browsers

Create Message Schedules

Create Message Schedules

Zone 2 enables you to schedule future messages, so you can set & forget!

Additional Features

  • Update multiple VMS at the same time
  • Access to the Zone Website to remotely control and monitor your VMS performance
  • Saferoads VMS message assistant allows users to upload a message from anywhere, via a smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Control display settings to maximise power efficiency
  • Secure, encrypted system
  • Video animation of what is currently displayed on the board
  • STREAMS Intelligent Transport System (ITS) capability
  • On/Off button for the display from the settings, status or editor screens
  • Enable the radar function (optional extra)
  • Download a log of the recorded speeds (optional extra)
  • Unlimited software support and training for all staff

For Zone VMS Technical Support please contact Adam on 0408 539 111

Saferoads VMS message assistant EZone1
STREAMS Intelligent Transport System EZone3
Saferoads VMS message control EZone4
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