BIG Blockout Plastic Barriers

BIG Blockout

Durable water filled barrier system

Saferoads has developed a sturdy barrier system for any circumstance, including and not limited to site work, delineation, shielding or simply for lower speed and offline sections of work areas that require separation from pedestrians or ongoing traffic. These barriers are convenient to deploy and also lend themselves to event management applications.

Weighing just 38kg when empty the BIG Blockout can be stacked during storage and transport, and filled with 450L of water once deployed on site.

  • Extra durable, robust, virtually indestructible!  
  • Highest quality plastic barriers available
  • Segments are 2m in length
  • Bright orange colour for high visibility on site
  • 8mm wall thickness
  • Manufactured locally
  • User friendly to stack
  • Innovative tapered interlocking tabs are efficient to use
  • Suitable for all environments
  • Each join allows for 300 degree angling
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Height 940mm
Height of 2 stacked units 1840mm
Overall Length 2213mm
Installed Length 2050mm
Width 390mm
Weight (empty) 38kg
Weight (full) 488kg
Water Ballast 450L
Wall Thickness 8mm


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