SupaSteel Guide Post

SupaSteel Guide Post

Can be re-straightened after vehicle impacts

The SupaSteel guide posts offer the sharpest point of any steel guide post meaning ease of installation. These steel guide posts come with a 5-year warranty and are able to be re-straightened a minimum of ten times after vehicle impacts.

The Supasteel Guide Post is the strongest semi-flexible steel post available. It will withstand multiple impacts, and can be re-straightened over 15 times whilst remaining rigid. This means replacement cost savings.

It is also quick and easy to install and remove, either manually or with power drivers. Manual drivers or driving caps to suit petrol and air drivers available. A depth mark hole acts as both the hinge for the pole to bend when impacted, as well as allowing for easy removal in the event of the post being relocated. A plastic safety cap are also available, which clips on to the top of the post.

Manufactured from premium steel, galvanised, pre-treated and then powder coated to comply with all Australian Guide Post specifications.

  • Super strong!
  • Can be re-straightened over 15 times after multiple vehicle impacts and remain rigid
  • Reflective Class 1A Delineator. 50 x 200mm rectangle
  • Easy to install - sharpest point of any steel guide post, aiding the installation process
  • Ideal for installation in all ground types
  • Will drive straight into bitumen and chip seal surfaces
  • 5 year product warranty
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Product Code F1102140
Height 1350mm
Width 100mm
Thickness 1.6mm
Weight 2kg
Installation Easily installed manually or with power drivers
Mount Steel
Weight 2KG
Rebounds after Impact from Any Direction Can be bent back to shape a minimum of 15 times

Product Features & Inclusions

Class 1A Delineator 50x200mm Rectangle
10 Year UV Guarantee
5 Year Warranty
No Steel Components Left Behind When Removed
Delineator is Recessed

SupaSteel Products Available

  Name Code   Name Code
SupaSteel Guide Post Delineated Delineated F1102140 SupaSteel Guide Post Fire Plug Marker Fire Plug Marker F1102144
SupaSteel Guide Post White Cap White Cap F1102141 SupaSteel Guide Post Manual Install Tool Manual Install Tool F1102145
SupaSteel Guide Post Blank Blank F1102142 SupaSteel Guide Post Petrol Jack Hammer Tool Petrol Jack Hammer Tool F1102146
SupaSteel Guide Post Black Cap Black Cap F1102143      
SupaSteel Guide Post Technical drawing


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Guide Posts

With 30 years industry experience in developing and testing guide posts you can rest assured that our range of guide posts are fit for purpose.

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