Traffic Calming

Traffic calming is the installation of safety solutions, such as speed reduction humps or portable rumble strips, to slow, deter or redirect traffic. Traffic calming devices aim to encourage safer, more responsible driving in changing and risky conditions.

Traffic Calming

Case Studies - Traffic Calming

Rubber Rumble Strip

Cardinia Council install Rubber Speed Cushions

Saferoads was contacted by Cardinia Shire Council to supply and install an additional rubber speed cushion next to the existing Saferoads rubber speed cushions previously installed in Officer, South East Melbourne.
Security Bollards and Traffic Calming Products

Major Carpark Upgrades at SuniTAFE Mildura

Featuring Security Bollards and Traffic Calming products
Separation Kerb to Improving Cyclist Safety

Improving Cyclist Safety

Bike lanes easing traffic congestion in Melbourne - featuring Separation Kerb and Caterpillar Safe Cycle.

About Traffic Calming Equipment

  • Rumble Bars

    Rumble Bars are surface mounted units that provide a visual and audible deterrent to motorists.

  • Rubber Speed Cushions

    One of the best ways to slow and control traffic is with rubber speed cushions. This product is cost effective alternative to asphalt or concrete, and can be driven over immediately after installation.

  • Portable Speed Humps

    If your road conditions and site locations are constantly changing, consider investing in portable speed bumps to control traffic. Both roll out and fold out portable speed hump options are available.

  • Separation Kerb

    Separation kerb can be bolted together to provide centre median or lane delineation guidance. These are a flexible and low maintenance option.

Areas We Service

Saferoads supplies high-quality traffic calming Australia wide, to all regional areas and capital cities; including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, and Hobart.

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