Vehicle Mitigation

The Rapid Stop Barrier is a completely freestanding, modular system that stops intentional and accidental vehicle intrusion into crowded or restricted areas, whilst allowing pedestrian movement. The system is efficient to transport and deploy, and does not require anchoring.

Crash Tested
Rapid Stop Barrier Crash Test Video
Temporary Road Barriers

Innovative Crowd Protection at Events

Innovative and unique, the Rapid Stop Barrier has been designed to offer superior and portable protection for events.

Proven to stop out of control vehicles, the Rapid Stop Barrier increases the safety of crowds and assets from the threat of errant or hostile vehicles. Rapid Stop is a must for event security in high density pedestrian areas at risk of vehicle intrusion.

Major events take place every year and draw huge crowds of people. Unfortunately, such events can be a target forterrorism as well as being difficult to protect and evacuate in case of other emergencies. In other cases, events can require road closures, with the need to maintain pedestrian access. Errant or out of control vehicles can also be the cause of accidents in such scenarios.

The Rapid Stop Barrier is the perfect solution; it stops vehicles in their tracks and is fully portable. Compared with traditional longitudinal barrier systems, which prevent movement of pedestrians and create a risk of crowd crushes, the Rapid Stop Barrier is a great solution for event applications.


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Temporary Work Zone Barrier
Work Zone Area Protection

Work Zone Area Protection

The Rapid Stop Barrier improves the safety of workers during road maintenance and construction projects. It has been successfully crash tested to meet MASH testing criteria, and is an affordable and efficient option to create positive protection for workzones.

Many construction and road projects take place on busy roads, relying on traffic cones or plastic bollards to deter traffic. Unfortunately, this practice leaves many workers exposed to the danger of vehicle intrusion into the worksite.

Rapid Stop Barrier is designed to bring an impacting vehicle to a slow controlled stop when hit from any angle. This prevents the errant vehicle from entering a work area, ensuring the safety of workers. Its design also promotes the safety of people inside the impacting vehicle, unlike traditional temporary barriers.

Compared with traditional longitudinal barrier systems, which prevent movement of roadworkers, and that are not crash tested from a variety of angles or to ensure the safety of vehicle occupants, the Rapid Stop Barrier is a great solution for worksite protection.


Benefits of choosing the Rapid Stop HVM Barrier

  • Reliable

    Rapid Stop Barrier has been independently crash tested to confirm it can stop a 2270kg (5000lbs) pickup travelling at 60km/h (35mph) at an angle of 90 degrees. For full details refer to NATA test report 21140 01

  • Disabled and Emergency Access

    Rapid Stop Barrier’s low height module allows for easy disabled access, whilst the innovative gate solution simplifies emergency services ingress and egress.

  • Completely Portable

    Rapid Stop Barrier is freestanding and unanchored, which allows easy installation for temporary applications.

  • Unobtrusive

    Rapid Stop Barrier is unobtrusive, allowing free flow of foot traffic through the system, including easy access for prams and wheelchairs. The system will not slow the entry or exit of large crowds, nor will it inhibit the timely evacuation of pedestrians in case of an emergency. The addition of the access gate segments allows for fast entry of emergency vehicles.


Crash Tested for Superior Protection


Saferoads have over 30 years industry experience researching and developing road safety products including Hostile Vehicle Mitigation products. The Rapid Stop Barrier has been thoroughly crash tested to ensure it provides superior protection, offering event organisers complete piece of mind. The crash test results below show the Rapid Stop Barrier will contain an errant vehicle, whether intentional or accidental, preventing a hostile vehicle entering a pedestrian dense area, thereby reducing the risk of injury and death.



Installed length of Barriers: 15m (5 x 3m segments)

2270kg 4x4 Dual Cab Pickup, 57km/h, 90°

PAS Rating: N1G – 48

Deflection: 3.52m


Installed length of barriers: 9m (3 x 3m segments)

2270kg 4x4 Dual Cab Pickup, 52km/h, 90°

PAS Rating: N1G – 48

Deflection: 8.4m


Installed length of barriers: 6m (2 x 3m segments)

2270kg 4x4 Dual Cab Pickup, 60km/h, 90°

PAS Rating: N1G – 48

Deflection: 11.3m


Installed length of barriers: 3m (1 x 3m segments)

2270kg 4x4 Dual Cab Pickup, 59km/h, 90°

PAS Rating: N1G – 48

Deflection: 15.7m

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Saferoads supplies high-quality HVM barriers Australia wide, to all regional areas and capital cities; including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, and Hobart.

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