Energy Absorbing Bollards

Saferoads energy absorbing bollards stop errant vehicles in their tracks. These are designed to absorb energy during a collision, protecting pedestrians and property whilst minimising injuries to the driver. The OmniStop range of bollards are fully crash tested and can therefore be relied upon to prevent an errant vehicle from entering a pedestrian dense area. The OmniStop bollards meet the technical specifications required by government road authorities such as VicRoads and Transport NSW.

  • Fully crash tested and safety rated
  • Prevent vehicles from entering an area
  • Reduce the risk of injury to the vehicle's occupants
  • Easily replaced post impact

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Why Choose Energy Absorbing Bollards?

  • Protection for drivers and pedestrians

    Energy absorbing bollards are capable of absorbing kinetic energy during a collision. By absorbing the impact, these bollards will minimise injury to the driver and passengers whilst effectively preventing entry into an area.

  • Fully crash tested

    The OmniStop range of energy absorbing bollards have been independently crash tested to control errant vehicles weighing up to 2270kg. These bollards can be relied upon prevent an errant vehicle from entering an area.

  • Allows pedestrian access

    Other crash tested barriers can prevent or slow pedestrian access to an area, whereas crash tested bollards do not. Energy absorbing bollards also allow for speedy evacuations.

Areas We Service

Saferoads supplies high quality energy absorbing security bollards to all Australian capital cities; including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, and Hobart.

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