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Welcome to Saferoads

Saferoads are leading suppliers of high quality and extensively tested traffic management and safety products.

Producing market leading products in traffic calming, public lighting, temporary barriers, security bollards, VMS and electronic traffic control. Saferoads continues to design, research and develop products that provide better solutions for its customers.

Saferoads provides customers with two options within the C Size VMS range. The entry level, Zone Essential VMS Board, provides customers with a solid and reliable VMS board, with the necessary features and a small price tag, designed for construction and work zone areas and Retail outlets such as car dealerships and shopping precincts. The Zone Essential is available in both Amber and 5 colour Boards. The Classic VMS board is our top of the range VMS that has all the features included such as tilt and rotate solar panels, fully galvanised tool boxes and the latest software.



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