Permanent Bollards

Saferoads permanent bollards range caters for variety of applications and budgets. Unlike many bollards, which only provide a visual deterrent to drivers, the OmniStop range of bollards are equipped with a robust concrete footing, and have been independently crash tested to ensure the prevention of errant vehicle intrusion. These bollards can be relied upon to provide physical protection for assets, infrastructure, and the public, guarding against both intentional acts and accidental collisions, controlling errant vehicles weighing up to 2270kgs. OmniStop energy absorbing bollards are approved for use by VicRoads and Transport for NSW. For applications unsuitable for an in-ground bollard installation, the Surface Mount Bollard is a great solution which provides a visual deterrent to drivers.

  • Reduce the risk of vehicle intrusion
  • Provide a visual deterrent to drivers
  • Allow pedestrian flow

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Elevate Security and Safety with Crash Tested Bollards

Crowded areas or high risk assets that require the ultimate in security, crash tested bollards are a must. Saferoads OmniStop Super Duty and OmniStop Ultra Bollards are independently crash tested, and have been proven to stop vehicles when impacted from any angle. Different footing sizes are offered to suit a variety of installation settings and applications, these permanent security bollards provide the best defence against errant and hostile vehicle entry.

Unparalleled Protection with Pedestrian Bollards

Protect Pedestrians with a Safety Bollard

The team at Saferoads can assist to ensure all requirements are met for the installation of safety bollards at any high risk pedestrian dense area. Saferoads range includes in-ground, surface mount and crash tested options to suit a variety of pedestrian only zones. The unobtrusive design ensures security without compromise on aesthetics.

Why Choose Permanent Bollards?


Permanent bollards can be installed anywhere there is a risk of unwanted vehicle entry. For example, bollards can deter vehicle intrusion into crowded places, nature reserves, or areas with valuable assets or infrastructure.

  • Visual Deterrent

    They provide a visual deterrent to reduce the risk of hostile vehicle entry into an area. A proactive measure that significantly reduces the likelihood of unauthorised vehicular access, permanent bollards are an effective first line of defence in keeping restricted zones secure.

  • Security for Assets and Infrastructure

    They are designed to prevent unauthorised vehicle entry into commercial premises, safeguarding assets and infrastructure, and can establish a protective perimeter that deters burglars and vandals.

  • Crash-Tested Options

    For those seeking the highest level of security, Saferoads OmniStop range of crash-tested permanent bollards provide the ultimate solution. Independently crash tested and energy absorbing, these bollards provide unparalleled performance in the face of impact, preventing vehicle entry into an area.

  • Allows Pedestrian Access

    Pedestrian movement is not impacted by the installation of permanent bollards. This is of utmost importance in the case of emergencies, when swift evacuation is crucial. They also allow wheelchairs and prams to navigate freely, ensuring a safer area for all.


Areas We Service

Saferoads bollards are available in all cities across Australia. We service Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, and Hobart, delivering engineered bollards for permanent applications.

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