Two Piece Delineated Post

SnapLoc Guide Post

Fast, easy install and superior durability

The SnapLoc flexible guide posts offer the ultimate in durability and flexibility as well as ease of installation. The unique urethane hinge will bend and self-correct the post when impacted from any direction. Our Snaploc guide posts come with a 5-year warranty and are resistant to shattering and cracking.


  • Rebounds after vehicle impact
  • Recessed Class 1A delineator, 50 x 200mm rectangle
  • Ultimate in durability
  • Will outlast competitors - does not shatter or crack
  • Easy to install with a jackhammer
  • Unique urethane hinge will bend and self correct the post when impacted from any direction
  • 5 year product warranty
  • Withstands multiple impacts

Two Piece Model

  • Easily removable with tool
  • Offers multiple options for ground mounting
  • Wheel over surface mount option
  • Galvanised steel bridge mount

One Piece Model

  • Star picket one piece socket
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SnapLoc One Piece Guide Post
Installing SnapLoc One Piece Guide Post
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Product Code Two Piece F1102020Y One Piece F1102135
Height 1000mm
Width 115mm
Thickness 30mm
Weight Two Piece 1.5kg including socket (315mm), One Piece - 1.5kg with star picket socket
Installation Under 30 Seconds
Mount Multiple Mount Options Available
Hinge Durable, 100% Urethane

Product Features & Inclusions

Class 1A Delineator 50x200mm Rectangle
Rebounds After Vehicle Impact
10 Year UV Guarantee
5 Year Warranty
Durable HDPE (plastic)
Delineator is Recessed
Rebounds After Vehicle Impact From Any Direction
Various Socket/Mount Varieties Available

Snaploc Guide Post Products Available

  Name Code   Name Code
Flexible Guide Post Two Piece Delineated Post F1102020Y One Piece Delineated Post One Piece Delineated Post F1102135
Two Piece Fireplug Marker Two Piece Fireplug Marker F1102014F One Piece Fireplug Marker One Piece Fireplug Marker F1102136
Tubular Post Tubular Post F1103100F Orange
F1103101F White
F1103102F Yellow
Surface Mount Base Surface Mount Base (with fasteners) K1102017
Removal Tool Removal Tool F1102120 Ground Socket Base Ground Socket Base F1102023 400mm
F1102022 315mm
Spike Base Spike Base F1102123 Bridge Mount Base Bridge Mount Base F1102019
SnapLoc One Piece and Two Piece


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Guide Posts

Guide Posts

With 30 years industry experience in developing and testing guide posts you can rest assured that our range of guide posts are fit for purpose.

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