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Saferoads has been providing and improving road safety solutions for over 30 years. Our mission is to protect pedestrians, and our range of security bollards play a huge role in this. Saferoads have developed the highest quality road safety bollards with both permenant and removable options, offering unparalleled protection against the threat of an errant vehicle.

In particular, the OmniStop range of bollards, in addition to providing a visual deterrent, are proven to safely capture and stop an intruding vehicle when impacted from any direction. The OmniStop Ultra and OmniStop Super Duty are both energy absorbing bollards, independently crash tested to stop an unauthorised vehicle from entering a pedestrian dense area.

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Case Studies

Acconia Coleman Rail

Hurstbridge Rail Line Duplication Project featuring OmniStop Ultra Security Bollards.
Security Bollards and Traffic Calming Products

Major Carpark Upgrades at SuniTAFE Mildura

Featuring Security Bollards and Traffic Calming products
Safety Bollard at Melbourne City Council

Melbourne City Council

Featuring the supply of OmniStop Bollards for the protection of pedestrians.

Improve Safety with Security Bollards

The team at Saferoads can assist to ensure all requirements are met for the installation of safety bollards at any high risk pedestrian dense area.

Pedestrians at tram stops, road crossings, outdoor events, retail precincts and dining areas can be at serious risk if an out of control or hostile vehicle enters a crowded area. The installation of crash tested safety bollards alongside roads with outdoor dining areas or high volumes of foot traffic, can protect against serious injuries and even fatalities.

The tragic events of the Flinders Street car rampage in 2017 highlighted the effectiveness of strategically placed security bollards. Saferoads OmniStop Ultra Bollards prevented further casualties, showcasing their crucial role in safeguarding public spaces from deliberate vehicular threats. To find out more about how security bollards reduced the impact of this attack, view the case study here.

Why Choose Saferoads Security Bollards?


Saferoads is the bollards supplier of choice in Australia, because our solutions cater to the unique challenges posed by urban environments. With over 30 years experience in road safety engineering, by choosing Saferoads bollards, you are ensuring that pedestrians and public spaces are protected.

The OmniStop range of security bollards are designed to provide optimal protection against both accidental and intentional threats, having been independently crash tested and proven to stop vehicles. Many bollards for sale are not crash tested, so it is important to understand the difference between visual deterrents and bollards that physically prevent vehicle entry.

Saferoads is committed to providing customers with the best security bollard design for their requirements, whether that be security for outdoor events, asset protection, safer street side dining, car park bollards, nature reserves, and more. Our security bollards range caters for those requiring the highest level of security, visual deterrence, in-ground bollards, surface mount bollards or removeable bollards.


Areas We Service

Saferoads proudly serves the entirety of Australia, reaching both regional areas and capital cities. Our commitment to road safety extends to Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, and Hobart. Wherever you are, Saferoads is your go-to supplier for high-quality security bollards that redefine safety standards.

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