Separation Kerb

Separation kerb is designed to direct or seperate traffic, as well as being flexible and low maintenance. A Saferoads road divider is a great
choice - manufactured with recycled materials, this separation kerbing offers superior durability wherever it’s installed.

Separation Kerb is ideal for efficiently redirecting traffic without needing excessive road width or expensive excavation and traffic control costs. It is also an effective lane divider and when hit, it returns to form and shape without tearing or cracking.

  • Redirects traffic
  • Unique interlink design allows segments to work around curbs
  • Does not take excessive road width
  • Yellow rubber with yellow paint to limit visible wear and tear
  • No expensive excavation/traffic control costs to apply a remedy treatment
  • Superior durability
  • Manufactured with recycled rubber
  • Contours to the road surface
  • Flexible nature allows a positive grip onto pavement
  • Can be fastened for permanent applications or U Bolted together for temporary applications
  • Ideal for redirecting traffic
  • Easily installed and removed - ready for the next job
  • Separation curb posts can be fitted to provide additional delineation
  • Australian Standards Approved
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Length 1500mm 1330mm 1330mm 1000mm
Width 265mm 265mm 265mm 265mm
Height 95mm 95mm 95mm 95mm


Separation Kerb Products Available

  Name Product Code
Removal Tool F1102120
Joining Bracket
(used for install instead of fasteners)
Separation Kerb Post F1401753
1. Can this product be put out individually?

Yes, using the Male to Male option.

2. How do I join this product on a portable deployment?

Using the Saferoads U-Bolt instead of fasteners - please see specifications table above. If purchasing this product for a temporary application, please contact us

3. Can this product be used for bike lane delineation?


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