JLE Group Parkes Special Activation Precinct

Solar Street Lights


JLE Group are a reputable electrical contracting company that values safety, quality and customer satisfaction. They required a solar lighting product that offered simple installation, exceptional light output and increased battery storage for a large industrial precinct project in Central NSW.

As Australia’s first UNIDO Eco-Industrial Park, the Parkes Special Activation Precinct covers an area of 4,800 hectares. From here, at the only junction of Australia’s two rail spines, the Inland Rail and the Trans-Australian Railway, suppliers can access up to 80 per cent of Australia’s population within 12 hours by road or rail. This industrial area is quite unique. It not only allows the delivery of local products across Australia and around the world, if offers sustainability solutions for businesses, including waste and water reuse, efficient energy generation and solar lighting.


Our Solution

Supply and install Roadway Solar V-LED Lights.



Saferoads Roadway Solar Lights were chosen for this project as they have been designed to offer a powerful spread of bright light throughout the night, and include improved technology in solar panels, batteries and LEDs. Roadway Solar Lights are simple to install and do not require deep cycle gel batteries which need to be buried in the ground. These solar lights have the battery storage to run at full capacity for several days, even in the case of inclement weather.

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