Kangou Signs

Impact resistant signage

Kangou Signs are durable, flexible signs that are customisable with integrated sign faces. Kangou Signs have been extensively tested with a 40 tonne truck including wheel over impacts.

Kangou Signs are a durable, 360 degree impact resistant signage option with a fully integrated sign face. They are quick and easy to install, and there are a range of sizes, shapes and decal options available - including the standard Keep Left sign - so there is sure to be a Kangou Sign to suit your application.

  • 360 degree impact resistant
  • Integrated sign face
  • Ideal Keep Left sign option
  • Durable polyurethane hinge
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Customised decals available
  • Withstands multiple impacts
  • Bicycle friendly
  • Available in multiple profiles
  • Decals can be replaced
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Skinny Keep Left
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Kangou Signs


Top Medium Density Polyethylene
Decal Class 1A Delineator
Hinge Injection Moulded
Top Rotation Moulded
Hinge Polyurethane
Colour Grey

Product Features & Inclusions

  Product Code Sign Face Overall Height
F1104011 150 x 1150mm/5.9in x 45.3in 1355mm/53.3in
F1104010 450 x 600mm/17.7in x 23.6in 1070mm/42.1in
F1104100A 150 x 860mm/5.9in x 33.8in400mm Ø/15.7in Ø 1500mm/59in
F1104100INT 300 x 600mm/11.8in x 23.6in 815mm/32in
F1104100INT2 600mm Ø/23.6in Ø 815mm/32in


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