Road Safety Rental

Complete Road Safety Rental Solutions

Road Safety Rental is a division of Saferoads. The specialised team are renowned within the road safety industry for their high level of expertise and customer service in the supply of innovative road and public safety products.

Our Rental offering provides

  • Temporary Barrier Hire
  • End Treatment Options
  • Installations (and certification)
  • VMS & Light Towers
  • Solar Lighting / CCTV
  • Logistics solutions
  • Deployment packages
  • Site Inspections & Visits

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Road Safety Rental - VIC

69A Nar Nar Goon Road,

Nar Nar Goon, VIC 3812

(03) 5945 6601


Road Safety Rental - NSW

68 Turner Road,

Gregory Hills, NSW 2557

(02) 4610 5993


Road Safety Rental - QLD

50-66 Flame Trees Drive,

Luscombe, QLD 4207



Road Safety Rental
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