Tubthumpa - "Keep Left" sign & post in one

25 June 2015

Have you ever noticed how many Keep Left signs you pass on a daily basis? There are thousands on our local roads, appearing on blister islands, at slow points, in shopping precincts and T intersections across our suburbs. Not surprisingly, they are the most bumped, clipped and run over item on our roads resulting in continual expense for local government. There has been many commercial attempts to produce rebounding posts in the past with varying success but the signs where still being dog eared, bent and torn of the post  itself. After much research and development Saferoads has come up with rebounding Keep Left sign post solution and it is called Tubthumpa. 

The Tubthumpa is a clever intergration of sign and post with a robust urethane hinge which enables the sign to bounce back upright again even when run over by a semi trailer truck. The sign is part of the roationally moulded post which can withstand direct wheelovers or bumber impacts proven through hundreds of tests through the development. The Tubthumpa is a multi use sign post and comes in two sizes to accomodate sign sizes 450mm x 600mm and 180mm x 1200mm. For local government not having to send a crew out to repair an impacted Keep Left sign every time it gets hit will allow them to redirect those resources for the benefit of ratepayers. 

For a visual demonstration of how the Tubthumpa works search the "Tubthumpa Sign" on YouTube or go to Saferoads.com.au