Saferoads SafePole is an energy absorbing light pole, that provides control over an errant vehicle and reduces uncontrolled debris and
the risk of secondary impacts, by capturing the stray vehicle and containing it. Designed to deform in a controlled manner,
capturing the stray vehicle in the process. Our energy absorbing life saving device It makes it safer for
vehicle occupants and other pedestrians and cars in any accident situation, reducing damage and injury to all involved.

  • Revolutionary energy absorbing life saving device
  • Safer for pedestrians
  • Safer for vehicle occupants
  • Provides control over an errant vehicle
  • Easy to install
  • Reduces uncontrolled debris and the risk of secondary impacts
  • Crash tested at 60km/h
  • Deforms in a controlled manner
  • Patented design
  • Australian designed and tested
  • Unremarkable appearance
  • Can be painted in any colour
  • Multiple outreach options can be attached
  • Equipped with a non-trip hazard base
  • Assembles with protective in-ground coating
  • Can meet wind speeds up to 189km/h

How It Works

Strategically placed slots to weaken the steel around the area of vehicle impact. This gives the Energy Absorbing Light Pole the ability to collapse in a controlled manner, while remaining upright with one or two lamp outreaches attached.

Product Code Product is custom designed to suit your needs. Call Saferoads today for a free consultation with our experienced solution managers.
Mount Height 8.5m and 11.0m
Base In ground mount
Colour Galvanised or painted

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