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street lighting

Street Lighting

Saferoads is proud to present our street lighting solutions. Our range of light poles are designed for
the vast array of diverse suburbs across Victoria. Whether you’re serving a heritage or contemporary
neighbourhood, Saferoads street lighting poles are the superior choice.

Aesthetic Design

No matter what the location, our range of street lamps will have the solution. Whether it’s a period neighbourhood or an up and coming contemporary suburb, we have a wide variety of designs and styles. As decorative as they are functional, these street lights poles will perfectly complement their surrounds.

LED Street Lights

For the latest in smart street lighting, consider installing LED lights. Fast becoming one of the most popular forms of street post lights across the world, LED’s are known for their energy efficiency and long life span – in fact, if all street lights were converted to LED today would be more than half a million tonnes of carbon emissions per year in Australia alone.

Solar Powered Options

It isn’t only LED which offers a smart street lighting solution; solar powered street lamp light posts are another great choice for cutting down costs and emissions. They provide the ideal way to light rural and regional suburbs, leading the way for more eco conscious technology to be used by the communities into the future.

Increased Safety

It’s often thought that street lights posts are only used by vehicles and other road users. However, by artificially extending the day light hours, residents are able to lead a more active and comfortable lifestyle, without fear of unseen loiterers. Street lamp post lights actively contribute to a safer and more secure neighbourhood.

Areas We Service

Saferoads supplies high-quality on-grid street lighting across Victoria; including Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Traralgon, Shepparton and Warrnambool.