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RoadQuake From Saferoads
RoadQuake From Saferoads
RoadQuake From Saferoads
RoadQuake From Saferoads

RoadQuake - Temporary Portable Rumble Strip

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The Saferoads RoadQuake has been formally approved by VicRoads, for the use of the Temporary Rumble Strip throughout Victoria.

Saferoads RoadQuake is a portable rumble strip that physically alerts drivers to upcoming changing road conditions and ideal for daily installation across work zones of any speed.

The RoadQuake is the perfect product to use in Work Zone situations throughout Australia such as

  • Lane Closures
  • Traffic Safety Check-Points
  • Maintenance Projects
  • Paving Operations

The RoadQuake is a temporary application and has been tested up to speeds of 120km/h and shows minimal movement and can withstand temperatures from 0-80 degrees Celsius. The RoadQuake is a temporary rumble strip, which requires no glue or nails for installation. It is fully portable and can easily be assembled and installed in a matter of minutes. The RoadQuake has a 3-5 year life expectancy and is suitable for use in rain and other inclement weather, including day or night shift.

Unfortunately, this picture represents more and more accidents (including fatalities and serious injuries) that are increasing across Australia every year.


The Saferoads RoadQuake is designed to reduce accidents and save lives, by alerting drivers to changing road conditions.

Our rumble strips can significantly reduce the major causes of work zone accidents and fatalities whether the driver is driving too fast for conditions, following too closely to the car ahead, making improper lane changes, or is fatigued or zoned out.

Most importantly, the RoadQuake rumble strips awaken drivers from their distractions and provides significant sounds and vibrations throughout the vehicle, whether the driver is tuning on the radio, reading a text message, or talking on the phone, the RoadQuake alerts drivers to pay attention to their driving and what is happening on the road up ahead.

Overall Length    3352mm
Overall Weight    50kg
Width   330mm
Height  19mm