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Saferoads Dig In Guide Post
Saferoads Dig In Guide Post
Saferoads Dig In Guide Post

Dig In Guide Post

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The Dig In Rubber Guide Post is constructed from recycled tyres and consists of a flexible rubber hinge that ensures the post returns to an upright position impact after impact.

Dig In Rubber Guide Posts don't shatter or crack and are easily installed with a hole digging auger.

The Dig In Rubber Guide Post with its unique hinge withstands the punishment of vehicle impacts by bouncing back to its original position.

Key Features

  • Recessed Class 1A Deliniator. 50 x 200mm rectangle.
  • Rebounds after vehicle impact
  • 95% Recycled Construction (1 whole Tyre Tread in every post)
  • Meets Australian Standard (10 hits @ 60km/h, 5 hits @ 100km/h)
  • Easily installed with auger
  • Durable HDPE post with 5 year Warranty
Height 1380mm incl Rubber hinge
Weight 2.0kg
Thickness 26mm
Colour White



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