OmniStop Bollards Portable System

OmniStop Portable Bollard

Protect pedestrians at events

Innovative and unique, the OmniStop Portable Security System has been designed to offer superior protection for events and work zones. Designed to stop out of control vehicles and protect passers-by, they are a must for hostile vehicle protection and event security.

Major events take place throughout Australia every year and draw huge crowds of people, which can be a target for terrorism as well as being difficult to protect and evacuate in case of other emergencies.

The OmniStop Portable System is the perfect solution; it stops vehicles in their tracks, and is fully portable. It offers event managers an innovative way to protect the public from terrorists and errant drivers, without interfering with pedestrian activity.

The OmniStop Portable System is a completely freestanding, modular system that stops intentional and accidental vehicle intrusion into crowded areas, whilst not restricting pedestrian access in and out of an area.

The flexible nature of the OmniStop Portable System makes it the perfect solution for applications where conventional longitudinal barrier systems are not practical.


Benefits of choosing the OmniStop Portable System include:


OmniStop Portable Security Bollard has been independently crash tested to confirm it can stop a 2270kg pickup travelling at 60km/h For full details refer to NATA test report 21140 01


OmniStop Portable Security Bollard is unobtrusive, allowing free flow of foot traffic through the system, including easy access for prams and wheelchairs. It does not inhibit the timely evacuation of pedestrians in case of an emergency.


OmniStop Portable Security Bollard is freestanding and unanchored, which allows easy installation for temporary applications - the only requirement is a flat surface!


OmniStop Portable Security Bollards low height module allows for simple and easy disabled and emergency access


  • Fully crash tested with a 2270kg vehicle at 60km/h
  • PAS Rating: N1G - 48 (2500kg 4x4 Dual Cab Pickup) @48kph
  • Portable
  • Stops errant vehicles
  • Protects pedestrians and assets
  • Reduces the risk of injury to the vehicle's occupants
  • Energy absorbing bollard system
  • Bollard system allows pedestrian flow
  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Easily replaced post impact
  • Affordable
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OmniStop Portable Crash Test
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Omnistop Portable Installation Instructions
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Product code F1202046
Length 3088mm/10.1ft
Width 1150mm/3.8ft
Height 1076mm/3.5ft
Weight 1250kg (per 3m segment)
Diameter 150mm/0.5ft

Product Features & Inclusions

Footing Freestanding no footing requirements
Vehicle Stopped
Vehicle Stopped Hatchback
Vehicle Stopped Sedan
Crash Tested ASTM F3016 2270kg/5000lb vehicle at 50kmh/30mph


Case studies

Portable Bollard System at the Block Open for inspections

The Block - Open for inspections

The Block 2019 fans were queuing in the cold overnight to ensure they had the chance to check out the the Oslo terrace houses, which were open for inspection on Sunday
Saferoads Portable Bollard at Frankston Christmas Festival of Lights

Frankston Christmas Festival of Lights

One of Melbourne’s largest and most iconic street festivals, needed to ensure the protection the crowds enjoying the event
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