The Econo guide post is affordable yet sturdy, strong yet flexible. These guide posts are a great choice for all dangerous
corners and blackspots across Australia.

  • Recessed Class 1A delineator, 50 x 200mm rectangle
  • Easy to install
  • Heavy duty galvanised anchor
  • Robust Hi-Tech Polymer Plastic
Product Code F1102000
Height 1375mm
Thickness 5mm
Weight 1kg
Mount Heavy Duty Galvanised
Steel Anchor
Hinge N/A
Class 1a Delineator 50x200mm Rectangle Yes
Rebounds After Vehicle Impact No
10 Year UV Guarantee No
5 Year Warranty No
Durable HDPE (plastic) No
Delineator is Recessed No
Rebounds After Vehicle Impact From Any Direction No
Various Socket/Mount Varieties Available No
No Steel Components Left Behind When Removed No
Rubber Construction No
Meets Australian Standard Yes(10 hits at 60KM/H, 5 hits at 100KM/H)

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