Guide Posts

Saferoads Guide Posts


With 30 years industry experience in developing and testing guide posts you can rest assured that our range of guide posts are fit for purpose.

Why do we have five products in the range? Because each project has different performance requirements, budgets and ground conditions. Our range delivers multiple mount options so there’s a solution to suit every application and budget.

Saferoads guide posts are tried and tested in every state. They are designed for ease of installation and backed by a 5-year warranty. All of our models are perfect for dangerous corners and blackspots and able to withstand multiple impacts without shattering or cracking.

SupaSteel Guide Post


Provides the perfect balance between strength and flexibility with its ability to withstand numerous impacts yet still have the capacity to be bent back into shape over 10 times, saving replacement costs.

SnapLoc Guide Post


Our One-Piece SnapLoc guide post is new to the range and superior to other options available on the market. This guide post is quick to install and durable.The impact resistance and capacity to bounce back to its original shape post impact decreases the need of regular replacement and results in substantial cost savings in the long term.

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