Melbourne Cricket Ground

Project Brief

12 CCTV solar lights were required by the new partnership between Energy Australia, Melbourne Cricket Ground and Yarra Park to increase security for pedestrians in Melbourne’s sporting and entertainment precinct.
These were required to operate 24 hours a day to enhance the safety of Yarra Park, between MCG gates two and three, after dark. Solar lighting solutions were chosen because they were estimated to save 1.3 tonnes of carbon per year, greatly reducing Yarra Park’s energy consumption.

Our Solution

Supply and installation of 30 Watt Ultra CCTV Solar Lights.

Products Used
  • WiFi or 4G CCTV 1.3mp camera
  • User friendly app which supports multiple users
  • Automatic day and night modes
  • No overhead supply wires
  • LED lights have an asymmetrical spread, illuminating the pathway in an elongated pattern preventing "wasted light"
  • Light pole is of a decorative finish (heritage green)
  • Low-carbon footprint - each light saving approximately 1 tonne of CO2 per year
  • No heavy metal in the LED fixtures



“Improving safety in Yarra Park is very important to us and we’re pleased to work with Energy Australia on this energy-themed initiative to help deliver a safer environment for local residents, MCG fans and other park users. The lighting produced is 100 per cent sustainable. LED street lights are becoming increasingly popular because not only do they have a long life but they reduce carbon emissions.”
Stuart Fox, CEO Melbourne Cricket Club

CCTV Footage Still Shots