Improving Cyclist Safety

Separation Kerb to Improving Cyclist Safety


New bike lanes ease traffic congestion

Saferoads were contracted by Road Safety Services & Maintenance (RSSM) to supply traffic calming products as part of a rapid roll out, by Yarra City Council, of improved quick build bike lanes that stretch 100km through the Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs.


Our Solution

This initiative saw both Separation Kerb and Caterpillar Safe Cycle installed. These products are designed to direct and separate traffic whilst alerting drivers to the bike lanes.



By increasing safety for bike lane users more people will be encouraged to ride, reducing congestion on roads and public transport.

Products Featured

Separation Kerb Ideal for redirecting traffic

Separation Kerb

  • Ideal for redirecting traffic
  • Unique interlinking design allows segments to work around curbs
  • Does not take up excessive road width
  • Durable recycled yellow rubber, painted to limit visible wear and tear, increasing visibility
Caterpillar Safe Cycle

Caterpillar Safe Cycle

  • Protects cyclists by visibly and audibly engaging drivers to avoid bike lanes
  • Safer for cyclists and motorists due to the low impact contour


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