Arrow Board

The ideal way to direct traffic through changing road conditions, arrow boards aren’t just helpful, they can be essential to safe travelling!
Our directional arrow boards are a must for any traffic management system, including construction, work zone and
roadworks applications. With high-quality LEDs and a durable trailer system, they’re designed to be
as effective as they are resilient. Contact our team for further information today.

Favoured for their easy operation, these solar powered traffic control arrow boards are the ideal way to keep both drivers and workers safe during road works and other construction projects.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Sealed battery prevents leaks
  • Control with touch sensitive keys
  • LED display
  • Long run times between charges
  • Curb side battery box - safer for user
  • Winch life with optional hydraulic lift
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Product Code 1505100
Directional Display  
Size 48” X 96” optional 36” X72”
Front lamps 15 or 25 PAR 46 LED, 590nm
Lamp covers Molded ABS 360”
Construction Aluminium with internal
Rear Lamps 3 PAR 35 LED
Photo Sensor Shielded from extraneous light
Rotation 360”
Brace Multi-plate friction type, locks in any position
Circuit Protection Automative style blade fuses
Dimming Manual or automatic
Display LED, Shows operating mode
Meters Voltage built-in with voltage warning and shut-down
Functions 15 lamp 7
Functions 25 lamp 12

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