Variable Message Signs Deployed in New Zealand

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Next Hire supplies temporary road safety products with a focus on reliability and renewable energy. The company’s overall aim is to provide a brighter and more sustainable future for the next generation. The organisation rent a range of products, including portable traffic lights, temporary lighting and Variable Message Signs.

Variable Message Signs
Variable Message Signs
Variable Message Signs


Next Hire were searching for a cost effective VMS solution to offer their customers, and, due to having an existing relationship with Saferoads, the decision was made to trial Saferoads Zone VMS boards in their rental fleet.

The VMS boards were shipped to New Zealand, and were put to use within an hour of arriving at Next Hire.

Mario Bennett, Business Development Manager at Next Hire, said that his experience with Saferoads as a VMS supplier was ‘spot on. The best thing was how quick it was to get the boards online. This was key for us, as we needed to take them straight to a work site.’

He also commented on how easy and intuitive the Zone 2 VMS Online Management System is. ‘This platform is easy to navigate, it was great that it didn’t require any downtime from our staff learning how to use it,’ Mr Bennett said.

Saferoads Zone VMS boards rental to Next Hire


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