30 Watt Ultra

If you’re interested in saving money and the environment, then our Ultra 30W LED light is the perfect choice. Activated by motion sensors,
this light saves its solar energy for when it’s truly needed. Take advantage of the 30W Ultra Solar Light’s quick and easy installation today.

The 30W Ultra Solar Light is an economical way to outline solar lighting with a motion sensor. Ideal for park pathways or dimly lit yard space with the full power of the light only in operation when movement is present.

  • 30W motion sensor LED solar light
  • All-in-one compact unit
  • Mono-crystalline solar panel
  • No connecting wires
  • Built in lithium-ion battery storage
  • Suitable for permanent and portable applications
  • Automatic day and night mode controlled by PE cell
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Parks and Gardens
Shared Traffic Zones
Work Zones
Asset Protection
Product Code F201003
Power Consumption 30W
Beam Angle 150° x 70°
Luminous Flux 3995 (2700 - 6500 K)
Time to fully charge 8 hours
Battery Lithium life PO4

*Please note this file will not open except when using programs such as Dialux, AGI32, or Relux.

1. I can’t find an ON/OFF switch, how do I turn the light on?

To start using the light, ensure that the On / Off button is out (or flush) to set the light to "On" (pushed in sets the light to "Off").

2. Can this light be retro-fitted to existing poles?


3. Can this light be time set?


4. Is this light available as a double outreach?

Yes, please contact us

5. What else should I be aware of?

This light runs on low until set off with movement.

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