SAFEPOLE Energy Absorbing Light Pole

Saferoads SafePole is an energy absorbing lifesaving device, that provides control over an errant vehicle and reduces uncontrolled debris and the risk of secondary impacts, by capturing the stray vehicle and containing it.

The Saferoads Safepole has been crash tested at 60km/h and will deform in a controlled manner, capturing the stray vehicle, which makes it safer for vehicle occupants in any accident situation. The Saferoads SafePole is patented with its unique design and its features, including strategically placed slots to weaken the steel, around the area of vehicle impact and the ability to collapse in a controlled manner, while remaining upright with one or two lamp outreaches attached.

SafePoles’ appearance is unremarkable, resembling other galvanised luminary supports. It can be painted in any colour and have various outreaches attached depending on where its situated.

That’s where the similarities end to a standard lightpole – Saferoads SafePole offers many features that combine to make it a product that not only saves lives but also prevents serious injuries on roadways.

Features include:

  • Safer for pedestrians
  • Safer for vehicle occupants
  • Easy to install
  • Equipped with a non-trip hazard base
  • Assembled with protective, in -ground coating

Set up to meet wind speeds of up to 189km/h

A case study of the SafePole below, shows a utility vehicle that hit the SafePole at dangerous speeds, which was situated next to a bus stop in a rural town in Victoria, Australia.

Thank you to the SafePole Energy Absorbing Light Pole, not only did the driver walk away from this accident, the by-standers at the bus stop were also uninjured.

safepole safepole