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Flexloc guide post rewards program
Flexloc guide post rewards program

Flexloc Guide Post Reward Program

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Flexloc Guide Post - Local Government Rewards Program 

Earn real credits towards traffic calming products to benefit your whole community.

Here's how it works:

For every pallet order of 300 x Flexloc Guide Post  ordered by your local Shire or Council, your community receives credits towards building a credit bank for a range of Saferoads Traffic calming products to make your town even safer. For example; if you order a full pallet of Flexloc Guide Posts, you receive 300 credits towards your choice of:

Speed Cushions - Speed Humps - Rumble Bars

Separation Kerb - Wheel StopsRubber Kerbing

or even our brand new flexible sign post - TUBTHUMPA

You can bank your credits and use them at anytime, simply contact Saferoads to get a statement of your available credits on 1800 060 672 or email