Saferoads are known as the experts within the Road Safety Industry with more than 25 years of experience. Over the past two and a half decades, Saferoads have continued to Research and Develop innovative products, to Improve Public and Road Safety not only here in Australia, but globally.

Saferoads products include OmniStop Security Bollards which are crash tested protective bollards as well as standard decorative and steel bollards. There are a number of Traffic Calming products including Speed bumps, rubber wheel stops, separation kerb, fold out portable speed humps, tubthumpa flexible keep left signs, rubber speed cushions, rubber kerbing and the life saving RoadQuake Portable rumble strip.

Saferoads also has Variable Messaging Signs (VMS Boards) in two different Models, including the VMS Zone Essential and the VMS Zone Classic. Both models are available in both colour and amber colours and a range of different options are available to add to the VMS boards.

Guide Posts are also a popular product that Saferoads offer. There are Flexloc flexible hinged guide posts and supa drive guideposts, that are all easy and quick to install. There is also an Econo Post that is made to Australian Standard and features a heavy duty galvanised anchor. The Dig in Rubber Guide Post is constructed from steel reinforced rubber and consists of a flexible rubber hing that ensures the post returns to an upright position impact after impact. Dig in rubber guide posts don’t shatter or crack and are easily installed with a hole digging auger.  The dig in rubber guide post with its unique hinge withstands the punishment of vehicle impacts by deflecting and bouncing back to its original position.

Saferoads rentals offers Australia’s only free standing steel barrier system. The Saferoads Rental department offer Temporary barrier hire, end treatment options, installation and logistics. The Ironman Hybrid temporary safety barrier system offers low deflection, economical transportation, economical deployment, no pavement damage and a durable and long life span.

The brand new SLED Crash Cushion or end treatment, is a narrow, non-redirective gating crash cushion. SLED is designed to shield the end of all permanent and temporary portable barrier shapes including concrete, steel and plastic. The SLED is ASBAP approved  at 80 km/h.

The Saferoads Public Lighting Division has seen an exponential expansion with the addition of Solar Lighting Solutions, in both Permanent and portable solar light options. Included within the Solar Lighting offering is the inclusion of CCTV and real time footage available. The Public Lighting Division have a vast variety of poles and light fittings available including LED street lights ranging from 10W through to 1000W, depending on lighting needs.

Saferoads have a range of different Temporary Barriers available, depending on the needed application. TLoks concrete temporary barriers are popular, offering low deflection and tested to MASH TL-3. The Ironman Hyrbrid is a steel unanchored temporary safety barrier, that is not only available for sale but also available for Rent from the Saferoads Rental Division. Saferoads also offer water filled Block barriers that are the perfect temporary solution like events, festivals and carnivals.