Omnistop Bollards Portable System

Innovative and unique, the OmniStop Portable Security System has been designed to offer superior protection for temporary applications.
Designed to stop out of control vehicles and protect passers-by, they are a must for high-density pedestrian areas.

The OmniStop Portable System stops vehicles in their tracks, and is fully portable. It offers event managers an innovative solution to protecting the public from terrorists and errant drivers, without interfering with pedestrian activity.

  • Fully crash tested with a 2270kg vehicle at 60km/h
  • Portable
  • Protects people
  • Allows pedestrian flow
  • Stops errant vehicles
  • Easy, quick installation
  • Affordable
Outdoor Dining
Sporting Venues
High Volume Pedestrian Areas
Shared Traffic Zones
Product Code F1202046
Length 3088mm/122in
Width 1200mm/47in
Height 1076mm/42in
Weight 1290kg
Diameter 150mm/6in

Deployment of OmniStop Portable System

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