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CSP Pacific are New Zealand's leading supplier of civil roading construction and road safety products. The organisation rent a range of road safety products to third parties, and have been involved in projects throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific for the last four decades. The latest and most innovative temporary crash barriers are included in the company’s rental fleet, which led to CSP’s interest in Saferoads’ new HV2 Barrier.

Saferoads HV2 Barrier to CSP Pacific customers
Saferoads HV2 Barrier to New Zealand's leading supplier CSP Pacific

Our Solution

The HV2 Barrier provides CSP Pacific customers the opportunity to rent a barrier that is fast to deploy. It is the only barrier in the world to successfully pass MASH TL-4 crash testing without requiring any anchoring or pinning to the road surface. This means that the HV2 Barrier can be used to reliably protect road workers in speed zones up to 100 kilometres per hour. It is tested to withstand the impact of not only passenger vehicles, but to also safely deflect a ten tonne truck.


David Russell, National Hire Manager at CSP Pacific, said that the HV2 Barrier was chosen over other steel crash barriers because of it’s low deflection and the fact that it does not require anchoring or pinning to the road surface.

"The no pinning is the advantage, and it’s radius is the best of all the steel barriers,” he said. Being unanchored, the deployment and retrieval of HV2 Barrier is a speedy process for CSP Pacific customers, which include many construction companies. This is due to the innovative connection system that allows the task to be completed even faster than other unanchored barriers. “A comment from our customer who has been installing barriers for 20 years was that this is the best and quickest barrier he had ever used,” said Mr Russell.

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HV2 Barrier
HV2 Barrier
HV2 Barrier
HV2 Barrier
HV2 Barrier
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