Designed to redirect foot traffic and protect pedestrians from hazards on the footpath or walkway, Saferoads Blockout pedestrian barriers
are economical to transport and easy to install – coming in at only 18kgs when empty, they can be stacked in the
back of trucks or trays and filled with 250L of water once they reach their destination.

The Blockout Pedestrian Water Filled Barrier is a lightweight and easy to transport and install.

Once interlocked and filled with water on site, they are a maintenance free, sturdy barrier system.

The Blockout Pedestrian Water Barrier is a popular safety barrier, used as a delineation device for pedestrian/vehicle separation at sporting venues, events, festivals, carnivals and construction sites.

  • Available colours – red and white
  • Each join allows for over 240 degree angling
  • Stackable
  • Interlocking tabs
  • Delineation device for pedestrian/vehicle separation
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Sporting Venues
Construction Sites
Product code Red K1301700 or White K1301701
Height 0.94m
Weight - Empty 18kg
Weight - Full 268kg
Length Installed 1.5m
Water Ballast 250 litres
Colour Red and White

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