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Snaploc Guide Post

These days we are all dealing with the challenges of having a long list of tasks to complete with less staff resources. So really, the last thing you want to have to do is worry about having to replace damaged or missing guide posts.  Thank goodness for rebounding Snaploc flexible guide posts. The multi hit post can be impacted from any direction self-straighten and recover, saving time and money on replacement costs. After pioneering the first rubber flexible guide p...More

Saferoads introduces a new and exciting innovation in temporary barriers for work zones.

 Ironman Hybrid

The durability and portability of Steel with the deflection performance of Concrete

Ironman Hybrid ticks all the boxes of what is important in a temporary barrier for contractors, low deflection, economical to transport, no anchoring, quick and easy deployment. Saferoads is working as quickly as possible to gain Austroads National Safety Barrier Panel approval having already conducted succesful crash testing with excellent results earlier in 2013.

The Ironman Hybrid showed excellent impacting vehicle stability during testing. To demonstate this Saferoads compared the Ironman Hybrid tests with water filled, anchored steel and precast concrete barrier tests play the clip above to view.

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About Saferoads

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