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gridded lighting

Gridded Lighting

Saferoads can supply gridded lighting solutions all over Victoria. Our range of light poles
offers many options to choose from, and the expert team here at Saferoads can help you
find the on grid streetlights that are the best fit for your needs.

Street Lighting

Residential street lighting is incredibly important, not just for road users, but for pedestrians too. It can be used to promote security and extends the hours which our roads can safely be used by all members of the community – and our range of gridded lighting includes a number of traditionally and aesthetically crafted designs.

Major Road Lighting

For major roads and highways, lighting needs are significantly different to that of residential streets. This is because the focus is not on pedestrian safety, but instead lighting the way for fast moving cars. Given the speed at which vehicles are moving, we’ve designed a range of energy absorbing and slip-based poles to safely control and minimise any impact that may occur following a high-speed collision.


Added benefits of Gridded Lighting

Added Security

Gridded lighting poles are a simple and effective way to increase the safety and security of neighbourhoods that they’re installed in. Not only are pedestrians more visible for oncoming traffic, they are able to feel more comfortable and confident as they walk through their communities with extended light hours.

Attractive Design

No longer do construction companies have one design to choose from – Saferoads offers twelve different gridded light poles to ensure the needs and aesthetics of neighbourhoods are considered. Whether contemporary or heritage, there is also a number of colours and finishes to choose from.

LED Options

Saferoads can provide high quality LED street lights for their customers for both their gridded and solar lighting needs. Saferoads LED street lights are available from a 10W through to a 1000W, depending on the application required. Saferoads offer a turnkey solution for their customers with an option to supply and install, pole to hole.

Solar Lighting

Saferoads continue to provide innovative products with the latest technology. Solar Lighting offers an affordable and simple solutions, compared to the traditional gridded alternative, especially for difficult or remote areas where running trench power can not only be problematic but also, expensive and labour intensive.